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more >>Triumphlaser UV laser marking machine


Triumphlaser UV laser marking machine

more >>Another university buy laser cutting machine from triumphlaser


BEIJING INSTITUTE OF TCHNOLOGY,ZHUHAI buy laser cutting machine from triumphlaser

more >>Triumphlaser attend exhibitions


Triumphlaser attend exhibitions

more >>Triumph laser new technology on laser cutting machine


Triumph laser new technology on laser cutting machine

more >>triumphlaser customers in college


triumphlaser customers in college

more >>FDA representitive Emir Galevi visit triumphlaser


FDA agency staff come to triumphlaser

more >>Certificate of triumphlaser


Certificate of triumphlaser

more >>Software Upgrade installation package Laserdoft 7.16


Software Upgrade installation package Laserdoft 7.16

more >>Latest 7.10 version control software can be downloaded


triumphlaser software 7.10 download

more >>triumphlaser customer feedback


Our laser cutting machines have been exported to many countries in the world, and a lot of customers gave us excellent feedback. We’are planning to some customers’ feedback to all here, hope each customer had better consider more than just price when you are purchasing laser cutting machine. Many cheap laser machines can’t work after you just receive it, even no any reply when you contact the seller company again.

more >>Customers' positive comment


Our customers' positive comment

more >>The software of "triumphlaser v7.02"


Our laser engraving cutting software have a new version "triumphlaser v7.02", you can download it on our web site.

more >>About triumphlaser laser engraving cutting machine


Are you looking for a laser that can laser cut wood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, or many other non-metallic materials? Laser cutting with an Triumphlaser Laser system allows you to create intricate designs and highly detailed cuts in all of these materials and many more.

more >>The new website is just online, more information will be regularly updated


With the expanding business, our old website is not meeting our requirements of releasing information, so we redesign new website.

more >>The Advantages of triumphlaser CO2 Laser Cutting Machine


1)The laser creates a beam of light that is used to cut through the material, so there is no part of the laser system in contact with the material. 2)For thinner materials, all Triumphlaser laser systems include an Integrated Vacuum Table to hold down papers, fabrics, and thin plastics as you cut through the material.