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what is the differences between the different watt laser tubes?

what is the differences between the different watt laser tubes?

Usually, the power of Laser tube is decided by two parameters: 1. the Length of the tube (The Longer Laser tube is, the more powerful). 2. the Diameter of Laser tube (The bigger Laser tube is, the more powerful). 3. bigger watt Laser tube can cut thicker materials, however, bigger watt has big Laser beam, therefore, For engraving, It’s better to use small watt Laser tube, like 50watt and 60watt.


How to run the laser machine?

How to run the laser machine?

As long as you know how to design jobs in graphic software, it just takes a few hours for you to become a master of laser machine. You just need to do some tests to know what speed and power is good for different materials. Since we have provided some of the parameter library, it will save you more time.You can watch the guiding videos from our website to learn how to use the machine in advance too.


more >>Is the Laser Safe To operate?


Yes, the laser is completely safe to operate. It is a Class 2 laser - 1mW CW Maximum 600-700 nm, which means that the laser is secured with interlock devices so it will not run with the doors of the system open. No special safety gear is required to run the laser.

more >>Do I need separate laser systems for engraving and cutting?


No, one laser does it all! Our CO2 laser systems will engrave and cut most non-metallic materials, as well as engrave coated metals. The laser can be set to engrave only, cut only, or in a combined mode. The laser knows waht to engrave and what to cut based on line width, which is easily set.

more >>About Laser beam characteristics


Laser light can be highly collimated by means of a focus lens. An extremely high energy density is generated in the focus of the laser beam, which can be used for melting or evaporating the material. In addition, using suitable optics (mirrors), laser light can be directed and reflected, and this completely without any losses even over large distances. Positioning systems (laser plotters) or galvanometer scanners are used as movement systems. The result is a universal and wear-free tool as the laser beam will never become blunt.

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