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Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal cutting

Firstly,let us talk about the fiber laser cutting machine advantage in sheet metal cutting. Sheet metal fabricators across the GTA and the country are recognizing the many advantages of the high-power fiber laser.  They are reaping the rewards in terms of boosted productivity, reduced operating costs, increased energy efficiency and higher profits. Cut thinner metals at […]

Why choose a fiber laser marking machine?

Fiber laser marking machine has been a big latest trend. Using up-to-date fiber pumping technology, the laser markers use optic fibers bundled together and impregnated with a substance that increases their conductivity. The fibers are pumped with light-emitting diodes, and the light of the laser passes through to the optical head, from where the beam […]

About the password of user manual

If you have already purchased our machine, there are user manuals on the CD. If you need to download on our website, You can contact us to get the password through the following link: http://www.triumphlaser.com/contact/ Thanks for your visit,hope we can help you!

Honey comb table

When cutting on the honey comb table, the laser beam can pass through the material to increase the working efficiency, and reduce the laser reflectivity to the material which improves the cutting effect of laser cutter engraver. With this working table, the fog and dust would be expelled directly from the bottom so as to […]