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Laser cutting technology and Laser marking technology

Laser cutting technology and Laser marking technology Soon after its naissance, laser is regarded as “tool of solution” . Scientists have realized from the very beginning that laser – the strange object – will become the most important technology in this era. Till now, laser has influenced human life dramatically by its decades’ primary application. […]

Tips for buying a laser marking machine

As known to most consumers, laser marking machine can dramatically improve production efficiency and quality as the most advanced laser marking equipment. Faced with so many laser equipment firms, how to select the most satisfied one is a question to many customers. Below are five points for choosing a laser marker. 1.Consider the marking material. There are […]

Tips for laser cutting wood

Here is some questions about laser cutting wood Does the wood burn during laser cutting ? Yes. Wood lasering is a sublimation process. However, this is not bad and very often actually desirable. Accurate focusing, selection of the appropriate parameters, use of suitable optics and supply of compressed air allow cutting and engraving of the […]

Tips for laser marking systems

Need A Laser marking Systems? Whether that need is for company branding or to meet industrial and government regulations, manufactures are using laser marking systems to mark and engrave permanent identification on their metal and plastic parts. Permanent Identification Marks: Serial Numbers, Date Codes 1D and 2D Barcodes, UDI Codes Regulation Compliance Marking MFG Lot/Batch […]

Laser marking plastic

Laser marking plastic direct Part Marking offers several advantages over competing technologies. These advantages are in the areas ranging from quality to cost-of-ownership, including: Advantages – Laser marking plastic: Permanence – With laser marking, the material itself becomes the mark. This results in the highest possible level of durability, especially when compared to ink marking or labels. […]

Tips for laser engraving leather

Can any type of leather be processed with the laser? You can laser engraving leather both genuine and synthetic leather, aka. leatherette, with the laser. How to clean a finished work piece optimally? One must distinguish between genuine leather and leatherette here. For genuine leather, we unfortunately cannot recommend any cleaning agents. Too aggressive cleaning agents […]

Unsupported operating system

If your laser marking software prompts unsupported operating system,You can follow the method below to solve. Step1.Click the right mouse button,choose”properties” Step2:Compatibility-run this program in compatibility mode for windows xp—ok Now you can open the software

Water Chiller

When the laser tube is working, it will produce a large amount of heat. The heat may lead to the glass tube break once it reach a certain temperature, therefore it is necessary to use a cooling system to protect the laser tube. For a 50 watt laser tube, we can use the water pump(standard […]

Rotary Device(Optional)

If you want to work on round items such as tumbler, mug and bamboo pipe by fabric laser cutting machine, the common laser working cannot meet your needs. As the common laser machine can only process on plane materials, if you cut or engrave on the round items directly, the size of the laser dot […]

Air compressor

The high pressure and low noise air compressor offered by Triumph Laser co2 laser cutting machine includes two parts: the high pressure and low noise air compressor and the water separator. High pressure air compressor: provides the compressed air with greater pressure than the air pump so as to prevent flammable material burning on wood laser cutting […]