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Our factory visit route

1.HongKong airport—-Our factory(40 minutes by Mini bus) 2.Shenzhen Metro—-Qinghu stop(very near to Our factory) 3.Shenzhen Guanlan bus station—our factory by bus M287 4.Shenzhen city center—our factory by taxi 30minutes

About UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine for direct part marking, from TRIUMPH Laser Marking + Engraving, apply permanent, high-resolution marks key for tractability and counterfeit protection. The TR-UV3M can mark simple or complex contents on paperboard, glass, painted metals and many plastic materials used in auto parts, electronic components, cables and other products. The TR-UV5M is suited for […]

Laser cutting technology and Laser marking technology

Laser cutting technology and Laser marking technology Soon after its naissance, laser is regarded as “tool of solution” . Scientists have realized from the very beginning that laser – the strange object – will become the most important technology in this era. Till now, laser has influenced human life dramatically by its decades’ primary application. […]

Tips for buying a laser marking machine

As known to most consumers, laser marking machine can dramatically improve production efficiency and quality as the most advanced laser marking equipment. Faced with so many laser equipment firms, how to select the most satisfied one is a question to many customers. Below are five points for choosing a laser marker. 1.Consider the marking material. There are […]