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Smoke purify system

When laser cut acrylic/leather, there will produce heavy fumes, large dust, pungent stench. This Smoke purify system can be instant purifying treatment the serious pollutant, the purified clean air can be discharged directly in the interior, no need to discharge through external pipes. It realizes powerful suction with quiet operation; Breathless motor ensures low noise, stable performance, and long product life; Triple-filter design. Pre-filters and Main Filters can be replaced separately for prolonging    the filter‘ s life time and cutting down the cost:  Built-in air cycling filtering system avoids discharging the cool/hot air […]

Rotary engraving attachment for laser marking machine

What is the rotary engraving attachment used for? With triumph laser marking machine, you can laser mark cylindrical and round objects using the rotary engraving attachment. The rotary engraving attachment allows you to mark rotating objects so that the laser always works in focus. The segmentation (division into individual marking sections) is carried out via […]

A good feed back comes from our customer

Thank you everyone for believing and supporting Triumphlaser. We received a lot of praise from our customers, can’t list all them out. Since 2003 until now, Triumphlaser always insists on the principle of ”Customer’s benefit first”. We’ll always keep our promise and do better in the future.

500W fiber laser cutting machine

Because the fiber laser cutter can transmit through the fiber, the degree of flexibility is improved unprecedentedly. With fewer faults, easy maintenance and fast speed, the fiber Laser cutter has a great advantage in cutting the thin plate of 4mm. Due to the influence of the laser wavelength of solid, it is poor quality when cutting thick plates.The wavelength of fiber laser cutting machine is 1080nm±5, not easily absorbed by nonmetal, so it cannot cut non-metallic materials. The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser cutter is more than 25% , and the advantages of fiber laser in electricity consumption and auxiliary cooling system are obvious. The main advantages of fiber laser cutting machine: High photoelectric conversion rate, less power consumption, can cut the stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate within 12MM.Fiber laser cutting machine have good spot quality .it can cutting thin plate with small seam quickly .it can be used for fine cutting. For fiber laser cutting machine widely used and the obvious advantages of cutting, triumphlaser  develop cost-effective 500W fiber laser cutting machine for domestic users .it mainly used for cutting 4mm of stainless steel, carbon steel, iron and other metals. The company provided free proofing.For machine details , welcome to contact us immediately to visit our factory directly.

Laser marking machine for LED bulb light

With the development of the society, the global lighting industry is also developing rapidly. LED bulb dominates the global lighting market in a lightning fast speed. laser marking machine is becoming an indispensable tool for manufacturers. LED bulb light whose name comes from its spherical appearance, its interior light source is LED lamp. The reason for LED […]