Eight Processed rotative work table

Eight Processed rotative work table

Rotation plate

Rotation plate

Rotation accuracy<0.5°
honey comb table

Honey comb table

When cutting on the honey comb table, the laser beam can pass…
Laser protection glasses

Laser goggles

Laser goggles can filter the laser, protect the glasses from…
Higher Accuracy

F-theta scan lens

The laser marking area have 70mmx70mm,110mmx110mm,150mmx150mm.you…
3D work platform
cw5000 water chiller

Water Chiller

When the laser tube is working, it will produce a large amount…
rotary attachment

Rotary Device(Optional)

If you want to work on round items such as tumbler, mug and bamboo…
air compressor

Air compressor

The high pressure and low noise air compressor offered by Triumph Laser…
Smoke purify system

Smoke purify system

When laser cut acrylic/leather,there will produce heavy fumes,large…