How to choose co2 laser cutting machine ?

CO2 Laser cutting machine , which is widely used on any non metal materials, and could do both cutting and engraving works with high precision and speed.

There are different types of  co2 laser cutting machines available on the do you decide on the right laser cutting machine for your business?

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Before you buy co2 laser cutting machine, you need consider the following request:
1.What materials do you want to cut or engrave?
2.What max. Thickness of your material ?
3.How about your expect engraving cutting performance?

1.Consider the quality and cost:
Not all laser cutting machines are the same quality . Depending on the different equipment the quality of cutting machines can vary greatly. For this reason, cheaper engraving machines are not always the best ones for you, only machines with reasonable price and accord with your application are your best choice.

2.Reliable of laser maker and after-sales team :it’s better to choose Factory,not trading company.The factory have professional engineers team to help you after you buy machine .It can provide you the professional suggestion for you .

3.Machine warranty and training:it need find factory to make machine with 2 years warranty and free training.

Triumph laser is factory. It is reliable supplier to make triumph laser cutting machine for more than 15 years .it can provide 2 year equipment warranty and maintenance for lifetime.Triumphlaser owns professional engineers have 24 hour technical support by email or calling for customer.

Triumph laser cutting machine offers very precise engraving effects at high speed, has a fully-enclosed design, which offers the best results for safety and clean processing.the Triumphlaser co2 laser cutting machine is an ideal choice for you.

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