• Laser engraving and cutting leather

    For natural, suede, napped, synthetic leather, Alcantara, nubuck

Leather&Fabric laser cut

Fabric is quickly becoming a very popular material for both engraving and cutting. Natural fibers, as well as synthetic fabrics, are often cut and engraved with fantastic results with a laser system

Leather is a wonderful material – and not just for clothing and fashion accessories!You can used leather to make a huge variety of products to gift and sell

Project description

Leather is a wonderful material – and not just for clothing and fashion accessories!

With a customized laser engraving machine, you can easily give leather a quality finish. With a Trotec laser, leather is engraved quickly and easily for purses, wallets, bracelets, belts, shoes and more.

Leather types suitable for laser engraving

Natural leather | Suede leather | Napped leather | Nubuck leather | Synthetic leather | Alcantara leather



Why should I buy a laser for leather cutting?

Leather is tough and offers strong resistance to every tool used on it aside from the laser beam. Laser processing is contact-free and produces consistent results without wear and tear. The laser beam melts the material and produces perfectly clean and sealed edges on the surface of the leather.

Function and advantages of laser technology

Perfect sealed edges with laser cut leather

  • No fraying
  • No post-processing is required

Productive processing

  • Laser cutting is faster than knife cutting
  • No resistance on the material due to contactless machining

Non-contact processing

  • No time-consuming fixating of materials in comparison to other processing methods
  • No warping of the material

One tool for all shapes

  • The tool’s diameter does not have to be taken into account
  • Depending on the lens used, the laser beam is about 0.1 mm wide.

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