• Wood Laser cutting and engraving

    wood laser cutting machine for plywood, MDF, balsa and many other types of wood

Wood laser cutting engraving

Triumphlaser  woodworking lasers are optimally suited for laser engraving and laser cutting wood and timber, such as for example toys, decorative items, artistic craftwork, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models, and for wood inlays.

Project description

Since wood is a natural material, the laser user must consider various characteristics, such as e. g. the density and the resin content, when working with wood. Soft wood types, such Balsa wood, require a lower laser power and can be cut at a higher speed. Hard wood, as an example of dense wood types, on the other hand, requires a higher laser power. When working with MDF, which consists of glued wood fibers, Triumphlaser recommends the use of compressed air.



Why should I buy a laser for engraving and cutting wood?

Laser engraving wood creates additional value through personalization and precision. Make each piece unique by engraving logos, names or images into your products. A precise laser cut creates custom-fit parts with a tenth of a millimeter precision even for fine shapes. Non-contact processing saves time and lets you process the thinnest materials.

Function and advantages of laser technology

Non-contact processing

>No time-consuming fixating of material compared to milling cutters
>No warping of the material

No shavings

>The wood is explosively evaporated by the laser. No shavings are produced like with other technologies.

Fine tools

Precise shapes can be cut

Simple digital manufacturing

  • Designs are created in your usual graphics program and import to our software.
  • Time-consuming programming is not required, unlike milling cutters

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