• After sale service quality assurance


After sale service quality assurance

In order to better serve customers to provide fast, considerate after sale service,To ensure that customers of the service quality, according to customer demand,And meet the needs of market competition, the purpose of this after sale service management rules.

After-sale service

1 The triumph of laser provides technical training five days to two days for the customer.

2 Equipment failure (artificial damage and irresistible factors except) three hundred kilometers,Twenty-four hours and arrange technical staff door-to-door service.

3 The equipment warranty details: laser tube warranty for three months; four times a year for regular repairTwo years to repair does not charge any fees. (Note: man-made damage and irresistible factors except)

Home repair services

1 Machinery and equipment from the date of sale,Within the period of validity valid invoice enjoy free warranty,Over the period or the responsibility scope, fees in accordance with the provisions of the standard fees repair;

2 The national uniform repair, consulting, complaints service hotline 0755-26996469, offer a 365 day hotline service;

3 The city 24 hours door-to-door service, 48 hour city surrounding area door-to-door service.

After sale service personnel requirements

1 Services for the customers,

2 Familiar with the business of company management,And the current fee standards.

3 Grasp and familiar with the business operation process and related professional knowledge.