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Tips for laser engraving leather

Can any type of leather be processed with the laser?

You can laser engraving leather both genuine and synthetic leather, aka. leatherette, with the laser.

How to clean a finished work piece optimally?

One must distinguish between genuine leather and leatherette here. For genuine leather, we unfortunately cannot recommend any cleaning agents. Too aggressive cleaning agents can dry the material out or form spots. If you still want to use a cleaning agent, please try this on an inconspicuous area or even better on a test strip. Leatherette, by contrast, can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge without losing its shape.

Is it necessary to fixate the material on the working surface?

No. In laser engraving leather, no pressure is exerted on the material. No clamping or other type of fixation is required. Simply insert the work piece and start tasering. This saves time and money in material preparation.

What must be taken into account when processing genuine leather?

Genuine leather is a natural material, and there are countless types that respond individually to laser processing. Therefore, it is difficult to determine general rules for processing. Generally, however, the following can be said: If genuine leather is distorted, reduce the laser power. This is because too much heat acts on the material.